Meet Dr. Edward Robison

Edward Robison, DDS

I have been practicing dentistry here in Fayetteville, New York for over 20 years now.  While it hardly seems possible, I realize that time has flown by because meeting and working with toddlers, kids and young adults is unique and rewarding on a daily basis.  Although providing dental care in certain situations can be quite challenging, I consider myself extremely fortunate to have the opportunity and privileged to be involved in my patient’s live and to hopefully have a positive impact as a health care provider.  It is hard to imagine a better “day at work” when it is possible for our staff to gain the trust of an anxious child and ultimately provide needed care, while at the same time having a positive and sometimes even fun experience.

Our office probably has over a hundred different stuffed animals that the kids can choose to hold during their visit.  Between cable television and a collection of DVD’s, we are usually able to find something that patients are very interested in watching while lying back in the dental chair.  And with various options to make the visit even easier, such as nitrous oxide, sedative medications and dental treatment in the hospital setting, we have many ways to ease fears and facilitate a successful and positive visit.

I am quick to say that our talented staff is the main reason that we have the success that we do in helping our patients achieve dental health.  Because of their many years of experience, they are experts in setting the most positive atmosphere for dental treatment that is possible.  And most importantly, they have a heart and deep concern to help their patients throughout their care at our office.

I grew up in Iowa and completed my undergraduate studies there.  After dental school in North Carolina, I moved to Upstate New York in 1989.  My entire life in private practice has been with Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics for All Ages beginning in 1991.

My wife and I have two wonderful children:  our oldest, a daughter, is an avid swimmer, rower, biker, debater, cook and student.  Our son has many different interests, all of which he pursues with interest and skill, and he very much enjoys variety.  When not practicing, I find myself involved with biking, house projects, church activities, watching old movies, and participating in some missionary dental trips.

You might not know that I have bicycled 500 miles with my wife across Iowa in 7 days (with between 15,000 and 20,000 riders who complete the trip each year.)  And I have also ridden from Seattle, Washington to Santa Barbara, California in 3 stages.  I hope someday to either ride coast to coast across the country or perhaps recreate the West coast ride with my kids before they leave our house for more exciting pursuits.